Would this Islamicfintech forum works better than facebook?


I know every of use will have a similar question like this. Why not a Islamicfintech forum in Facebook groups or even Linkedin groups?

  1. More structured topics
  • In facebook groups , it’s like a wall. You throw things and don’t worry about where it lands. When a user start to do things like this, every information becomes clumsy and unorganised. So it makes us to waste time finding the proper information or sort out things by category of information
  1. your discussion is more valuable to users outside facebook as well.
    Most of the content or discussion we posted on facebook is inside the circle of facebook and especially on groups it’s limited to only members even if it is not confidential information. So having content like in this forum which is open and discoverable in search engines, access via email, subscribe to slack channels and many things

What do you think?