What are the List of Halal Shariah Complaint Stocks?


Muslims want to make sure their investment goes in a halal way. So they make a rigorous search to overcome this problem. There are few companies which recently came up in the industry which provide indices(stocks) which are shariah compliant. but accessing that data is costly and it is only feasible for corporate and big players. Even some data are accessible are not easily understandable. So we plan to consolidate those information and put in an easier way for you all to refere.

Note: This stocks are selection are based on the SGX Asia Shariah 100 where they have their shariah regulators who certify stocks as halal or not. Thus we are not providing any shariah accreditation here. We refer their data and provide you in a simple way. Hope this helps. If you still have doubt about all these stocks. You can comment in our forum and post your questions where we have Islamic finance community whom can answer your questions.

The FTSE SGX Shariah Index Series, launched by FTSE Group and the Singapore Exchange

(SGX), reflects the stock performance of companies in the Asia Pacific region whose business

activities comply with Islamic Shariah Law. Independent screening is carried out by Yasaar Ltd,

an organisation with a global network of expert Shariah scholars. Their approach is described


The FTSE SGX Asia Shariah 100 Index consists of a combination of 50 of the largest Japanese

companies and the 50 largest companies from Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong (SAR)

Source: https://www.ftse.com/Analytics/Factsheets/temp/c6a2cc09-556d-43db-b70e-00e7c9a551c6.pdf

FTSE Bursa Malaysia Hijrah Shariah Index

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia Hijrah Shariah Index has been designed to be used as a basis of Shariah-compliant investment products that meet the screening requirements of international Islamic investors. Companies in the index are screened by the Malaysian Securities Commission’s Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) and the leading global Shariah consultancy, Yasaar Ltd, against a clear set of guiding principles.

Source: https://www.ftse.com/Analytics/Factsheets/temp/48d8cfc5-e571-4245-9148-c155b61024b8.pdf

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