Welcome to IslamicFintech.org


A simple discussion forum for everyone to discuss things around islamic fintech whether it is new ideas, shariah clarification, solving industry big problems, learning from others, any questions and doubts.

A brief description of the community:

  • Who is it for? It’s for all fintech people whether they are in Islamic fintech or general fintech to discuss about the islamic fintech
  • What can you find here? Discussion and updates about Islamic finance, banking, startups, investment, events, careers, etc.
  • Why should you come here? We bring all things around islamic fintech people here. There is more than 100K islamic fintech professionals across the world. Giving a platform to connect each other would help them thrive together.
  • Where can you read more (links, resources, etc)? (For Events: http://forum.islamicfintech.org/c/events-conferences-meetups , For others, we are still putting together)